The Freak and the Idol


Set in a youthful world of city bars and student digs, Katy Jones’ challenging debut novel is a postmodern fable which critiques the superficiality of consumer culture and explores issues of image, subjectivity and identity.

Published by Circaidy Gregory Press.


Gorgeous, red-haired Shona is worshipped by her boyfriend, his best mate and…well, almost every man who’s ever clapped eyes on her. She is the envy of her friends, but Shona has a problem – and this time it’s not which lipstick to wear.

I can heartily recommend this book for any woman who has ever watched a TV ad telling her she’s worth it, and wondered why she’s only worth a pot of moisturiser; and for any man who’s ever been bemused by the length of time it takes a woman to put on her ‘face’

– Catherine Edmunds, novelist

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